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4th Floor, LCDA Tower,

Lot 2879, The Isthmus,

Off Jalan Bako,

93050 Kuching, Sarawak,


Tel : 082-356834

Fax : 082-356934



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Last Update: 16 01 2018
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Ministry's StrategiesMinistry's Strategies
  1. Enhance management, leadership and teachers' quality.
  2. Upgrade schools infrastructure and environment.
  3. Improve English Language proficiency in schools.
  4. Increase enrolment in STEM related field in TVET and Higher Learning Institutions.
  5. Position TVET as an alternative career development pathway.
  6. Facilitate adequate supply of workforce to meet the industrial needs of the State.
  7. Improve the matching of supply and demand of the workforce.
  8. Increase industy participation and contribution towards TVET.
  9. Increase commercialization of R & D.
  10. Increase annual investment for R & D programme.